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Cinema group to boycott 'Alice in Wonderland'
2010-02-23 11:38:53

Johnny Depp speaks at "Alice in Wonderland" press conference

The Nation Press -

Cinema group Odeon has said it will boycott Disney's new 3D film "Alice In Wonderland" at its cinemas in Britain, Ireland and Italy in protest at plans for an early release date on DVD.

The company took the decision Monday after Disney said it would release the eagerly-awaited Tim Burton fantasy adventure on DVD 12 weeks after its big-screen debut, instead of the usual 17 weeks.

It is the latest rebellion against the entertainment giant's plans to push forward the film's DVD release. Earlier this month, the Netherlands' four big cinema houses decided not to screen the movie in protest.

Odeon & UCI Cinema Group said in a statement it had "invested considerable sums" in technology to show 3D films which media giant Disney's proposals could undermine.

Disney's proposal "undermines the investment made and will inevitably set a new benchmark, leading to a 12-week window becoming rapidly standard in (Britain) for the majority of film titles."

It could lead to a reduction in cinema attendance that would "threaten the continued existence of many cinemas, especially the smaller and medium sized cinemas," said Odeon.

The cinema group said it would be showing the film in its Spanish, German, Portuguese and Austrian cinemas -- "where Disney has indicated that it plans to observe the normal DVD release window."

Odeon is Britain's biggest cinema chain with more than 100 venues. "Alice in Wonderland", starring Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway and Helena Bonham Carter has its world premiere in London on Thursday.

Its British release will be on March 5, and cinema chain Cineworld said it planned to show the film after reaching an agreement with Disney.

Bob Chapek, president of distribution for the Walt Disney Studios has previously said the DVD proposal was in the best interest of cinema owners.

"We remain committed to theatrical windows, with the need for exceptions to accommodate a shortened timeframe on a case-by-case basis, such as with Disney's Alice in Wonderland," he said.


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