Hot Basil Chicken Cups Recipe

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2021-03-29 | Since 1 Month

An aromatic mix of minced chicken, fresh basil, red chillies, soya and pinch of sugar wrapped in lettuce greens.

Ingredients Of Hot Basil Chicken Cups
150 gm finely chopped chicken boneless
5 gm fresh red chili finely chopped
10 ml cooking oil
8 gm dry basil
30 gm fresh basil finely chopped
30 gm oyster sauce
5 ml fish sauce
10 ml light soya sauce
5 ml sugar
Iceberg lettuce, leaves made into 6 cups
15 gm chopped garlic
20 gm chopped onion

How to Make Hot Basil Chicken Cups
1.Heat oil (on a high flame) in a wok add garlic, onion and fresh red chili.
2.Toss until garlic is cooked and add boneless chicken, toss well.
3.Add oyster sauce, fish sauce, light soya sauce, and sugar.
4.Cook until chicken is done and water has dried out.
5.Add dry basil, toss well, add fresh basil and remove from heat
6.Serve placed in the 6 lettuce cups.
7.If you keep the lettuce cups in iced water, in the fridge they will stay crisp. Drain well and dry with kitchen paper before using

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