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2021-03-23 | Since 2 Month

Every day, Valentino presents something new in the world of fashion, its innovative, elegant and luxurious designs that appeal to everyone. In the Mastery Tales series, we discover the timeless excellence and haute couture culture that defines the most iconic elements and symbols of Valentino.

The first chapter is dedicated to the Valentino Garavani Crochet sneakers that made their debut in the Spring / Summer 2021 show.
Crochet sneakers reinterpret Valentino's legacy, but with new experimental eyes, the main symbols of the house remain the same, but acquire renewed meanings and dimensions.

It's like the never-ending journey through Valentino's identity to the crochet sneaker is a pure expression of the inspiration of Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli.

The mythical arts of macramé are traditionally used to create haute couture dresses, and for the first time we find them moving to accessories to break the boundaries and barriers between day and evening as an expression of personal freedom in fully handmade unisex sneakers.

Crochet Sneakers feature a new upper that creates a flat surface starting with the braided neck and then a second interlocking layer. The sole connects to the upper part together thanks to multiple holes in the rubber sole with straps running through to create a dynamic design.

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