Foldable iPhones may be launched by Apple

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2021-03-21 | Since 6 Month

Foldable phones have been very popular in the past two years, so many companies, including Apple, are thinking of developing distinct models to preserve their positions in the market in the future.

According to the website LetsGoDigital, which specializes in modern technology and electronics, Apple is currently working on developing a new generation of foldable iPhones equipped with flexible OLED screens, similar in design to Motorola's RAZR devices.

Looking at the videos that have spread recently for these devices, we notice that their structures are somewhat similar to the new iPhone-12 phones, but they fold in the middle, and the edges of the metal frame are identical to some extent as well.

On the back side of these devices, according to the videos, a basic triple-lens camera will be installed, and next to it there is a small square screen whose size is equal to the size of the frame in which the camera lenses are installed.

The leaks also show that the main power button in these devices will be installed on the right edge of the chassis, while the volume control buttons will be on the opposite side.

It is expected that these phones will be put on the market next year, and their prices will start at about $ 1,200.

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