Algeria starts exceptional review of electoral lists

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2021-03-17 | Since 2 Month

The Algerian authorities on Tuesday initiated an exceptional review of electoral lists in preparation for early legislative election scheduled for June. The announcement follows an earlier decision by President Abdelmadjid Tebboune to dissolve parliament.

According to the National Independent Authority for Elections, the review process will continue until 23 March after a number of parties announced their participation in the upcoming election.

The leftist Workers' Party led by Louisa Hanoune has, however, announced that it was boycotting the election.

The election authority has, meanwhile, called on Algerian citizens who are not registered on the electoral lists, especially those who will be 18 years-old on polling day (12 June, 2021), to register their names with the municipal committees where they reside.

Algerian public opinion has been divided between supporters of the elections and those who do not think that this step could be a radical solution to the current political crisis. President Tebboune's supporters insist that the Algerian people should give the authorities a chance to prove their commitment to break with the previous regime.

On the other hand, opposition forces remain committed to a strategy of peaceful protest to express their rejection of all the officials who served during the Bouteflika era. They insist on radical changes in Algeria's political system before legislative elections are held.

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