Ginger And Mulethi Wali Chai Recipe

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2021-03-12 | Since 2 Month

About Ginger And Mulethi Wali Chai Recipe: A perfect immunity booster, this ginger-mulethi tea is brimming with health benefits. A comforting tea that can come handy when dealing with cold and cough.

Ingredients Of Ginger And Mulethi Wali Chai
2 tsp black tea leaves
2 cups water
ginger, grated
Milk (optional)

How to Make Ginger And Mulethi Wali Chai
1.Take a pan and start heating water on high heat.
2.Once the water starts boiling, add black tea leaves, sugar, mulethi, and grated ginger.
3.Keep it covered and boil it for 2 minutes and serve after straining.

Key Ingredients:

black tea leaves, water, Sugar, ginger, Milk (optional)

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