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Conditions for a happy life in the point of view of Russian women

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2021-03-05 | Since 2 Month

A study by "Sberbank Asset Management" and "Sberbank Life Insurance" revealed the requirements that Russian women consider essential to a happy life.

According to the women who participated in the survey, the most important requirements for a happy life for Russian women are housing, quality health care, education, food, and the opportunity to practice the activities that they love.

The study said that Russian women are more willing than men to study, work and strive to improve their situation.

According to the study, 74% of women who live in big cities expressed their satisfaction with the quality of life.

And to improve life conditions, the study showed that women are more willing than men to obtain an education, and more able to work, as well as more seeking than men to search for a new job.

93% of Russian women see an opportunity to improve their situation through education, compared to 86% of men.

The study showed that about 88% of women compared to 85% of men are willing to work hard or change their work.

In addition, 79% of women believe that it is possible to improve their living standards by starting their own businesses, and 40% by moving to other cities where there are job opportunities and a better quality of life, and at the same time it was found that there are only 57% of women. As compared to 71% of men, they are confident that life conditions can be improved by investing in economic projects.

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