Unhealthy nutrition can put you at risk of developing gestational diabetes

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2021-02-17 | Since 2 Month

The German magazine "Elttern" concerned with the family and the child, published a medical report warning pregnant women against unhealthy diet, as the report indicated that unhealthy nutrition makes pregnant women more susceptible to gestational diabetes, as unhealthy diet is one of the factors in gestational diabetes.

The report pointed to the factors that increase the chances of developing gestational diabetes, which are: obesity, pregnancy after the age of 35, family history, and an unhealthy diet.
The report also mentioned the risks of developing gestational diabetes to the mother and the fetus, as it can cause difficult childbirth, or the mother to have type 2 diabetes after childbirth, or to have a urinary tract infection, and it also increases the risk of her developing gestational diabetes in the next pregnancy, in addition to that gestational diabetes It causes increased weight of the fetus, as well as obesity, and diabetes, and in some cases the death of the fetus occurs due to the serious complications of gestational diabetes.
Doctors recommend that you follow a healthy, balanced diet during pregnancy, to avoid developing gestational diabetes.

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