Michelle Obama to release new edition of best-selling memoir ‘Becoming’

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2021-02-06 | Since 2 Month

Michelle Obama has announced plans to release a new edition of her best-selling memoir, Becoming, for young readers.

“Being honest about who I am and sharing my story in Becoming was one of the most freeing experiences of my life,” the former First Lady wrote on Instagram in a post announcing the news.

“And one of the highlights of my experience was hearing from so many of you and getting into the kind of deep, honest conversations that leave everyone feeling more connected and nourished.”

The young readers’ edition of Becoming is adapted for children ages 10 years and older and will be available on 2 March, along with a new paperback edition. It also will include a special introduction for kids written by Obama herself and will contain three full-color inserts, as described by the book's website.

“My hope is that the young readers’ edition of Becoming can serve as a conversation starter for you,” Obama continued in her Instagram caption. "Maybe it’ll open up new dialogues with your children or grandchildren. Maybe you can use it as an opportunity to begin a book club with the young people you know or use it as an excuse to invite them into your existing book club.

"I look forward to hearing all about the discussions that these new editions of Becoming spark with your loved ones – and what kind of parallels young people might draw from my story to their own.

“No matter what, I hope you’ll keep me posted on your experience by sharing your updates and insights by using #IAmBecoming and tagging me in your posts on social media. I want to hear it all! Whether it’s revelatory, a little messy, or even downright uncomfortable, I’m always interested in what kind of new awareness a good conversation can bring.”

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