COVID-19 cases, fatalities on rise in Arab countries

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2021-01-31 | Since 3 Month

Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco and Algeria announced Saturday more fatalities linked to the novel coronavirus as efforts continued to contain the disease, Anadolu Agency reported.

The Tunisian Health Ministry reported that 81 more people died from the virus, with 1,438 new cases identified.

Total deaths have reached 6,680, while the case count stands at 207,468.

The number of people recovering from the disease was 156,160 with 1,705 additions, the ministry added.

Sixty-one people died from the virus, pushing the death toll to 3,031, health officials announced.

In the country where 631 more people tested positive, infections rose to 298,913, while the number of recoveries reached 178,472 with 2,402 additions.

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The health ministry announced 641 more cases, bringing the number of infections to 325,674.

As much as 957 patients have recovered, pushing that tally to 313,551.

The death toll also increased 23, reaching 4,304.

Authorities noted that 13 people died, 701 new cases have been identified and 762 patients have recovered from the virus.

The death toll reached 8,259, infections stand at 470,69 and the number of recoveries is 448,628.

Algeria reported four additional deaths, 325 people tested positive and 196 patients have recovered.

The death toll stands at 2,888, the number of cases rose to 107,122 and the tally of those who recovered is 73,212.

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