A sudden malfunction in the work of "Facebook", WhatsApp "and" Instagram "!

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2021-01-26 | Since 5 Month

Downdetector service announced a sudden malfunction affecting the "Facebook", "WhatsApp" and "Instagram" networks in some countries.

According to the available information, the problems in the work of the "Facebook" and its Messenger network mainly faced users in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and the problems of "Instagram" and "WhatsApp" appeared in many European countries, such as Finland, Poland, the Czech Republic and a number of other countries.

And 47% of Instagram users complain, according to the available data, of problems downloading data over the network, while about 35% of them suffer from problems downloading data, while about 17% are unable to use the network at all.

As for "WhatsApp", about 86% of users complained about problems communicating with the application service, while about 12% had problems accessing its official website via the Internet, while about 2% of users faced problems logging in. To the messaging app.

With regard to "Facebook", the data indicate that about 83% of users in several regions have suffered from problems with the site and problems with entering the service.

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