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Russian Ministry of Health: Pregnant women are more likely to be infected with the emerging coronavirus

The nation press services
2021-01-25 | Since 3 Month

The Russian Ministry of Health revealed in medical care guidelines for pregnant and postpartum women that the new coronavirus is more prevalent among them than the rest of the population.

The Russian Ministry of Health guidelines for organizing medical care for pregnant women, women in labor, women after childbirth and newborns indicate that the incidence of "Covid-19" is higher among them compared to its prevalence in the population.

The guidelines stated, "It has been proven that the incidence of pregnant women with" Covid-19 "is much higher than among the population.
In general, the symptoms and course of the disease among pregnant women are similar to the symptoms and pathways of other people. The instructions indicate that they usually do not show symptoms of the disease.

The guidelines emphasize that "the group most at risk of severe form of" Covid-19 "disease includes pregnant women aged 35 and over (BMI 25-29 kg / square meter) and obesity (BMI 30 kg / m2 and more) As well as diabetes and chronic high blood pressure before pregnancy. "

She adds, and the additional factor that increases the risk of infection with "Covid-19" is work in the field of health care or in various social services.

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