Healthy snacks for your baby after the age of 6 months

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2021-01-23 | Since 1 Month

During the first six months of your baby's life, he is dependent on breastfeeding in his nutrition, and after that you can gradually introduce solid foods into his diet, and provide snacks to your child that makes him accustomed to eating regularly, and also keeps him from feeling hungry that may push him to eat unhealthy foods .
Snacks also help develop your child's skills in coordination between his hands and eyes, as he looks at food and tries to hold it in his hand and then direct it towards his mouth, and all of these are movement skills that your child acquires and develops with practice, in addition to that snacks give you the opportunity to offer multiple types of tasteful foods Multiple health benefits to your child.

From the above, it is clear that your choice of the types of foods that you offer your child as snacks is no less important than choosing the main meals, and here are 6 healthy foods that you can offer as snacks for your child after the age of 6 months.

1- fruits
Apples, grapes, peaches, or sliced ​​bananas are fruits that have an easy-to-eat texture that makes them child-friendly, just be careful with citrus fruits as they can be very tasty for a toddler and have a laxative effect.

2- Rice cakes
Small rice cakes are a good, sugar-free snack that your child can eat for about six or seven months, and you can also add avocados to rice cakes because they contain healthy fats that are beneficial for your baby's brain and physical development.

3- Cut the vegetables
Pieces of cucumber, carrots, peppers, and steamed beans, you can offer to your child at the age of six months, and you can add chickpeas as a source of protein.

4- Extra milk
Extra milk is a useful food for your baby, as it provides him with the calcium that your baby's body needs to build bones, in addition to beneficial bacteria that improve digestion.

And because you cannot introduce milk to your baby before he is a year old, you can make rice with milk and serve it as a snack that gives him calcium as well.

5- Cheese
Cut some cheese for your child, cheddar cheese is often the ideal cheese at this age, as it tastes delicious and low in salt and provides your child's body with calcium, protein and vitamins.
You can also serve cherry tomatoes with cheese, after peeling and cutting them into pieces that your child can eat easily by picking them up with his hand.

6- Small bread fingers
You can buy small unsalted breadsticks for the little ones, which are a nice snack for your child, they give him a slightly different formula to enjoy his snack, and are also good for developing the skill of coordination between his hand and his eye.

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