Lobster Thermidor Recipe

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A classic French dish where the lobster shell is stuffed with a creamy mixture of meat, egg yolks and brandy. Top up with cheese and bake for an oven-browned cheese crust.

Ingredients Of Lobster Thermidor
1 whole lobster (weighing approx. 500 grams)
100 gms mushrooms
8 gms garlic
10 gms red onion
50 ml fresh cream
1 egg yolk
60 ml cognac
10 gm thyme
A pinch of nutmeg
10 - 20 gms Parmesan cheese
20 - 30 gms Gruyere cheese

How to Make Lobster Thermidor
1.Split the lobster length-wise into two parts and clean the head thoroughly under cold running water.
2.Scope all the meat from the lobster and clean. Keep the shell aside for finishing in the oven.
3.Now dice the Lobster meat. In another pan sauté the garlic and onion & later add the sliced mushrooms.
4.After the mushroom has slightly dried out add in the lobster meat and de-glaze with 30 ml Cognac.
5.In another pan, add the rest of the Cognac to the fresh cream and one egg yolk, grate the nutmeg and mix well.
6.Add this mixture to the pan containing lobster and mix well, mix in the thyme now.
7.Get the pan off the flame and mix well till it turns thick. Fill the cleaned empty shell of the lobster with this mixture that has been prepared.
8.Top up the lobster with Gruyère cheese and Parmesan cheese. Finish in a medium hot oven for 4 minutes.

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