Dep. Foreign Minister discusses with EU diplomats course of events in Yemen

2021-01-19 | Since 1 Month

The Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs, Dr. Mansour Bajjash, discussed with the deputy ambassadors of the European Union the course of events in Yemen and the government's directions to achieve a political settlement.

During the meeting Bajjash indicated that the government will continue seeking peace and has made many concessions in previous rounds of negotiations for peace and will continue to work to achieve it in response to the hopes and aspirations of the Yemeni people. Bajjash also pointed to the Houthi militia’s behavior that violates international humanitarian law and human rights law and acts that threaten international peace and security. He stressed that the government will continue its efforts to achieve peace, pointing out that the government has formed a committee to prepare a mechanism to ensure the continuity of humanitarian work in all regions of Yemen without obstacles and that the work of humanitarian organizations does not get affected by the terror designation of the Houthi militia.

Bajash reiterated that the Iranian interference in Yemen and the Iranian regime's support for the terrorist militia has hindered peace efforts, calling on the European Union to pressure Iran to stop this support.

For their part, the ambassadors emphasized their countries ’firm stance in support of the security, unity and stability of Yemen and the efforts made to achieve peace in Yemen expressing their countries' condemnation of the terrorist attack that targeted Aden International Airport in conjunction with the arrival of the prime minister and members of the government.

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