Xiaomi unveils its smart home watch

2021-01-19 | Since 5 Month

Xiaomi unveiled the specifications of its latest model, the Mi Smart Clock, which is a versatile smart home watch.

These watches come with an elegant, compact case equipped with a 3.97-inch touch screen with a resolution of 480/800 pixels.

Users can rely on the new Mi Smart Clock as a device to know the time, date and weather, or use it as an alarm and a smart tool to remind daily appointments, or as a loudspeaker that can be connected with various types of phones and smart devices, or as a tool to watch videos via YouTube

This smart tool is characterized by technologies that help it control the rate of screen brightness during sleep periods, as well as it contains special buttons to control the rate of sounds and a button to disable the display and sounds during sleep, as well as it is equipped with excellent speakers and microphones that enable the user to control them through Google's voice assistant.

This smart watch can connect with Xiaomi cameras and with Android phones starting from Android 4.4 version, and devices and phones running iOS 9.0 and later versions of iOS systems.

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