An expert explains why you should stop using the Facebook Messenger application

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2021-01-18 | Since 5 Month

A cybersecurity expert revealed, in an article in "Forbes", published on Saturday, that we should stop using Facebook Messenger, due to the lack of adequate protection for our messages.

The expert pointed out that the reaction resulting from the WhatsApp policy update that plans to start sharing user data with Facebook, should be a "stark warning to the 1.3 billion Messenger users", given that collecting data from Messenger is more alarming than it. On Whatsapp.

In his article, Zach Dufman, a journalist and expert in cybersecurity, said that the WhatsApp "disaster" has in fact "diverted attention away from how badly Messenger infringes the privacy of users, and there is no justification for that."

He added, "We all know that Facebook makes a living from our data, and this is how we pay for its free services. But there is a need for an end."

The journalist mentioned that WhatsApp's main argument in defense of updating its policy is that the app cannot read our messages and neither can Facebook. According to Dufman, if you are a Messenger user, "Facebook" admits to monitoring the content sent in private messages between users.

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Dufman pointed out that the end-to-end encryption that WhatsApp provides to its users is used in Messenger only in private messages, not within groups, and it is not activated by default.

The journalist explained that end-to-end encryption "should be the default function of any messaging platform you use".

"The advice now is simple," Dufman said. "If you still use Messenger or if you use direct Instagram messaging for anything other than interacting with the companies you shop with and creating informal contacts, it is time to switch. WhatsApp is still the easiest option." Due to its size: all of your friends and family may be its users. "

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