Dell exports computers with advanced devices

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2021-01-15 | Since 5 Month

Dell decided to return to compete strongly in the mobile device market, and unveiled new computers with distinctive specifications.

Among the most prominent laptops that the company recently reviewed was the Latitude 9420 and Latitude 9520, which were equipped with durable and lightweight structures made of metal, and screens that fold at a 360-degree angle to provide the user with the possibility of using them as large tablets to display videos, and the accuracy of these screens is equivalent to (2560 / 1600) pixels.

Among the most prominent features obtained by these two devices is a moving shutter that can block the webcam image at any time during video calls over the Internet, as well as they are equipped with special keys to mute the microphone sounds or stop the camera from working.

The excellent performance of these computers is guaranteed by the 11th generation Intel processors, random access memories with capacities up to 32 GB, as well as equipped with Snapdragon X20 and Snapdragon X55 modems that enable it to communicate with LTE and 5G networks.

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