How to master the gray suit

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2021-01-12 | Since 2 Month

The gray suit is the perfect unconventional alternative to its black counterpart, which gives you a distinctive elegant look suitable for both day and night.

The gray suit topped in its various shades, from light to dark and shiny metallic, the most famous and finest men's fashion groups, and the white shirt is the ideal choice for the gray suit and for lovers of bright colors, it can be coordinated with shirts in light green, light pink and blue.

The gray suit can also be coordinated with a long neck sweater for an elegant classic touch that goes well with both winter and autumn; As for the necktie, it is preferred to be in bright colors or prints, and the matter does not differ much with the pocket square, which is preferred to be in strong colors.

With regard to the accessories of the gray suit, it is preferable to be the same color as the shirt, but in a darker shade, with a black or matte brown belt for an elegant look and black or dark brown shoes.

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