Men's fashion 2021 AD combines elegance and sophistication.

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2021-01-10 | Since 2 Month

Brunello Cucinelli introduced her new men's collection for Spring / Summer 2021, which is distinguished by its elegance, adding a sophisticated touch, achieving the perfect balance between understated elegance and new inspiration.

The new collection was distinguished by the harmony of colors, enhanced lightness, and a delicate blend of natural fibers with renewed proportions, through the soft volumes of shirts, polo shirts, and most importantly, pants.

The colors of the group also expressed the summer atmosphere full of calm and relaxation, through the wonderful harmony between the neutral colors, which included a wide range of beige, gray and blue shades.

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The balance of modernity and elegance is evident in the blend of linen, wool, new silk and a refined blend of cotton and wool in the Sea Island style, and the refreshing texture of the wrapped strings.

The collection featured a variety of striped patterns that define exclusive fabrics for summer and down jacket vests. Microfibers alternate with gabardine to create lightweight outdoor jackets, while "hail" (delavé) linen fabrics add character to summer coats.

As for knitting, it included a large group of light summer threads that give a unique and elegant touch to each piece of knitting. Collars, striped cuffs, contrasting hem, and embroidery create the season's classic shapes and sophisticated colors.

Accessories also have a share, as they brought a wonderful mixture of exclusive handmade techniques, and new leather, to add elegant simplicity to any occasion, and the new flexible Louvre shoe comes in line with modern and summer styles.

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