The answer to stress relief is asking the right questions

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2021-01-05 | Since 2 Month

There is seldom anyone out there who isn’t dealing with stress of any form.

If you’ve been looking for respite from mental tension, the answer may actually lie within you.

You have the power to turn around the predicaments you are facing.


You may ask yourself: What needs to change? Can anything be changed? Am I stuck?

If you ask the right questions, you will discover some solutions. You will bring your world into focus.

Questions are powerful. They reveal more about each stressful situation.

For example, you might ask, “Do I hate my job itself, or do I simply dislike my supervisor? Is my marriage in trouble, or am I failing to fix my own true problems?

Most of us can benefit through some soul searching. We can, in a real sense, interview ourselves.

For example, it’s important to constantly ask: What’s going well in my life? What relationships are working? What is productive?

These tips can help you choose questions that can turn things around:

– Ask yourself: What good choices have I made throughout life? This might include eating healthy, exercising faithfully, or remembering birthdays of friends and family.

– Ask yourself: What do I actually have the power to change? For example, you can stop dwelling on people who hurt you years ago. Or, you can ask yourself how you can improve your daily schedule.

Most of us, when we pursue a goal, have to ask: How will I find time to do this? What must I neglect in order to reach my goal?

To summarise it, asking a clear, simple question will open your mind to what will suit you.

The key is trusting your own sense of self. Nobody knows what you can and can’t do better than you. You know what will and won’t work for you.

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