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6 Questions That Determine Are You Attractive?

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2021-01-04 | Since 3 Month

The measure of attractiveness differs from one person to another, and attractiveness, or as it is known as "charisma," is considered a divine gift that not everyone can possess, and attractiveness has important effects on social and professional relationships.
That is why researchers at the University of Toronto were able to develop a simple and accurate scientific method that makes it easier for you to know whether you are attractive or not.

According to the Wall Street Journal, according to the research paper, determining a person's possession of attractiveness depends on answering 6 questions, assigning a rate from 1 to 5 to each behavior, namely:

I am a person...

1. He has a distinguished presence.
2. Has the power to influence people.
3. Knows how to lead a group.
4. It makes people feel comfortable.
5. Smiling at people often.
6. He can agree with anyone.

After you've scored each question, you can add them up and divide them by 6, to get your average for attractiveness.

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The researchers point out that if it is higher than 3.7, then you tend to be more attractive than a regular person.
These measures have been developed based on multiple studies in sociology and psychology, and have been tested on about a thousand participants.
One of the most exciting results in these experiments is that each person's self-evaluation was generally consistent with others' perceptions of him, which is usually inconsistent with the opinions of others when it comes to evaluating our personal behaviors.
It is noteworthy that the University of Toronto is not the first to research this topic, except that previous studies have focused on attractiveness related to people who are leaders only.

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