What is new in the Samsung wireless headphones?

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2020-12-29 | Since 6 Month

Several websites and Internet pages have leaked information indicating that Samsung intends to launch a new generation of Galaxy Buds headphones with practical and advanced specifications.

According to the leaks, Samsung is determined to unveil the Galaxy Buds Pro headphones, coinciding with the unveiling of the new S-class phones early next year.

The images published by the famous EVAN BLASS page on Twitter show that the new headphones will come in smaller sizes than the current Galaxy Buds, and on the external front of each headphone there is a small microphone hole, and secondary amplifier holes that will help distribute sounds more closely to the user's ears.

Most importantly of all of the above, according to the information provided, is that these headphones will have the advantage of isolating external noise in a smart way, as the user will be able to control this feature to isolate noise during calls or listen to music, or to hear the microphones of his headphones by capturing the surrounding sounds while driving or roaming the street .

Galaxy Buds Pro will also get special technologies that make it automatically control the rates of sound and noise that reach the user's ear during calls to provide greater privacy and comfort, as well as providing them with 3D sound distribution technologies that make sounds look more realistic while watching movies and videos, for example.

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