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Easy and simple way to rejuvenate

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2020-12-29 | Since 4 Month

Professor Satuchi Fudjita, a professor at the Faculty of Sports Health at Japan's Ritsumeikan University, announced that increasing muscle mass allows a person to appear younger.

According to Nihon Keizai, the professor recommends regular physical exercise and protein intake that is essential for muscle growth.

Scientific studies have shown that exercise improves skin elasticity and texture. And muscle exercises increase the thickness of human skin, thanks to the high content of the biglycan compound, so it is noticed that spots, wrinkles and bumps in people who have thick skin are few.

The professor says, "To have a slim body and upright stature, muscles are needed. Therefore, a thin person should pay attention to the number of muscles that reduce fat tissue, not by its size. Exercise burns fat."

And he points out, eating protein, makes the process of forming muscles more effective, and for that it is enough to eat a piece of meat or fish the size of the palm of a hand. There are also protein supplements in the form of a powder that dissolves in water or milk. You can eat protein, whey, casein or soy.

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And eating after exercising stimulates the muscle growth process, which continues for two days after exercising. And the professor says, "When a person skips exercise, he has to eat proteins, because for better muscle growth."

And the expert advises, eating dairy products rich in the amino acid lysine, which stimulates muscle formation. He says, "To digest meat, eggs and fish, the body needs time. But amino acids and proteins are quickly absorbed by the body, and here lies their advantage. They also stimulate the process of muscle formation, so it can be used when there is not enough time to prepare and eat food."

Another benefit of exercise, he adds, is that it improves mood and focus, as well as reduces stress. Exercise also improves the metabolism process, so "a person will not be fat even if he eats the same amount of food as before."

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