How do you choose the right mustache shape for your face?

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2020-12-21 | Since 2 Month

The flowery mustache attracts a large class of women to the prevailing belief that men with mustaches are strong, mature figures capable of taking responsibility, and many countries attach great importance to raising a mustache as it is seen as a sign of masculinity and self-esteem.

Mustache and different face shapes

According to hairdressing experts, choosing the ideal shape of a mustache depends on several factors, including facial features, haircut, and the intensity of facial hair growth. A wide mustache is suitable for owners of an oblong face that does not go beyond the borders of the mouth. The thin mustache on top of the lips corresponds directly to a round face with a wide forehead, people with thick facial hair and full cheeks.

The mustache also takes many forms, including the simple classic located directly above the lip, the thin pen mustache, which appears in the form of a very thin strip of hair that defines the upper lip, and the horseshoe mustache, which appears in the form of two long sides facing downward to the chin with a mustache in the form of a horseshoe.

The cowboy mustache, which comes with a wide sideburn and a horseshoe-shaped mustache, the royal beard or goatee that appears in the form of a mustache resting on the chin strap, and finally, a chevron mustache with a high density that covers the entire upper lip.

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