Dissolution of the Ministry of Human Rights in Afghanistan

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2020-12-21 | Since 2 Month

The Afghan authorities relieved Sima Samer, Minister of State for Human Rights, from her post and dissolved the ministry itself, according to the Afghan "Bajawak News" agency, yesterday, Sunday, December 20, 2020 AD.

A government source confirmed that the decision to dissolve the ministry came as part of the government's efforts to reduce some administrative structures in the country.

According to the same source, the state budget has been reduced by 600 million Afghans this year, so it became necessary to cancel some additional structures.

Sima Samer, who previously worked as the director of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission, said that the government did not consult with her about the dissolution of the ministry and that she does not know the reason for this decision. She stated that only 7 employees were working for her ministry.

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