What are the symptoms of the pituitary gland in women?

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2020-12-14 | Since 5 Month

The pituitary gland is one of the most important glands in the human body, so it is called the "master gland"; It controls most of the hormones that are secreted by the glands in the body, and are found at the bottom of the brain, specifically behind the nasal bones. Despite its small size, it controls most of the hormones of the glands in the body, and perhaps the most important thing that controls it is the thyroid gland, where it secretes the hormone that stimulates or stimulates the thyroid gland to secrete, the hormone that stimulates the supra-renal gland to secrete, as well as the growth hormone that contributes to The child's growth, as well as its effect on the joints and muscles.

According to "Madam Net", we present to you the symptoms of the pituitary gland in women and how to diagnose them, according to Dr. Ahmed Khair, a consultant endocrinologist and diabetes.

Diagnosis of the pituitary gland

Cases can be diagnosed with a pituitary gland disorder. Through blood tests, through which the doctor can know the level of high or low hormone levels, and thus the imbalance can be diagnosed.
Cases can also be diagnosed by magnetic resonance of the pituitary gland, and to determine if there is an increased secretion or tumor in the gland, which if it is large affects the level of the enlargement of the gland.

Symptoms of the pituitary gland in women

A group of symptoms may indicate a problem with the pituitary gland, perhaps the most prominent of which are:
Feeling a headache.
Fatigue or general weakness in the body.
- high blood pressure.
Unexplained weight gain.
Sleep disturbances.
Changes in mental state, including mood swings or depression.
- memory loss.
Reproductive problems, including infertility and irregular menstruation.
Excessive hair growth.

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