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2020-12-06 | Since 3 Month

An exotic rum based cocktail with goodness of pineapple and banana along with refreshing coconut syrup. Serve this beverage at a chilly winter evening party.

Ingredients Of Above The Cloud
60 Ml Rum
60 Ml Fresh pineapple juice
1 Fresh banana
30 Ml Coconut syrup
Hurricane or Tikki Glass
For garnishing Coconut and pineapple

How to Make Above the Cloud
1.Take a large peg measure of gold spiced rum and follow up the same with pineapple juice and coconut syrup in a container.
2.Add many cubes/shavings of ice to the same to cool the liquid down and mix well to blend all the ingredients.
3.Pour out the container along with the ice into a hurricane glass or a tikki glass and garnish the rim with a pineapple and the top of the drink with a few cut dices of fresh banana.
4.Served chilled.

Key Ingredients:

Rum, Fresh pineapple juice, Fresh banana, Coconut syrup, Coconut and pineapple

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