Al Jarida: Hassan Nasrallah moved to Iran after Zadeh was killed

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2020-12-03 | Since 2 Month

The Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Jarida, quoted a source describing it as al-Mawlal that the leader of "Hezbollah", Hassan Nasrallah, plans to move to Iran, and he may have already taken this step.

The source explained to the Kuwaiti newspaper that "the Lebanese intelligence services and neighboring countries have monitored contacts between the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah after the assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientist Fakhri Zadeh," and the source expects that "Nasrallah will remain in Tehran for an indefinite period, and it is not clear when he will return to Lebanon."

The move to Iran comes after the killing of the nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, last Friday, east of Tehran, and in light of the intense flight of Israeli warplanes over Beirut and several Lebanese provinces, several days ago.

Israeli Channel 13 reported, earlier this week, that "Nasrallah canceled his movements and advised his security team to stay in place, amid fears that" he will be next on a US-Israeli targeting list after the assassination of Iran's chief nuclear scientist in an operation attributed to him. Israel, "according to what was reported by the" Times of Israel "website.

Earlier this month, Nasrallah said that Iran's allies in the region should be on high alert in anticipation of any "stupidity" during the coming period, as he put it.

After the killing of the Iranian nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, last Friday, in Tehran, the Secretary-General of the "Hezbollah" militia, Hassan Nasrallah, is sheltering in his place amid fears that "he is next on the US-Israeli targeting list," according to a TV report Israeli

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Earlier last November, Al-Jarida newspaper reported that a source close to the commander of the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Ismail Qaani, confirmed Hezbollah's success in uncovering the assassination of Nasrallah and a number of leaders of the factions loyal to Tehran in Syria and Iraq.

The Israeli Channel 13 report says that "Nasrallah has been an easy target for Israel for years, and some officials ridiculed him for his commitment to staying in a shelter and not appearing to the public except in very rare cases."

On Friday, Hezbollah said that the response to the assassination of Iranian scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was in Iran.

The deputy secretary general of the party, Naim Qassem, did not rule out "the possibility of launching a limited attack on Iran," but said that "the Iranians are ready for this and more," but added that he does not see an all-out war on the horizon.

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