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2020-12-01 | Since 5 Month

Do you want to abandon your current perfume and replace it with a luxurious fragrance from modern perfumes? Especially since winter perfumes are not very appropriate now, as the warm weather needs luxurious and refreshing perfumes at the same time.

Based on that, we will present you with the most luxurious modern perfumes, so that you can choose what suits you.

Pure Musc

This fragrance from Narciso Rodriguez is mainly focused on the scent of musk, which combines elegance and luxury, and it is mixed with floral and woody scents to form an absolutely wonderful perfume, and it makes you a very attractive woman.

Florence Amber

This fragrance was recently released by Roberto Cavalli, and it is an oriental fragrance based on the tones of citrus, honey, gardenia and patchouli, forming an irresistible fragrance. This fragrance was designed in honor of the Italian city of Florence, from which this ancient house was launched.

Bespoke Fragrances

A Burberry fragrance collection, they embody the spirit of Britain and the beauty of the scenic British cities. This group includes four luxurious fragrances, for you to choose from: Garden Roses, High Tide, Hawthorn Bloom, Tudor Rose.


The Alchemist’s Garden Collection

It is a collection of perfumes issued by Gucci, consisting of seven concentrated fragrances, four essential oils, and 3 scented water notes. These perfumes are characterized by the scent that relies on subtle, feminine tones, which will make you leave a great impact wherever you go.

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