Mixed Salad With Lotus Root Recipe

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2020-11-30 | Since 2 Month

A quick and easy-to-make salad to amp up your diet with a health quotient and a dash of variety.

Ingredients Of Mixed Salad With Lotus Root
20 Gram Iceberg lettuce
20 Gram Lollo rosso
20 Gram Endive lettuce
20 Gram Red cabbage
20 Gram Lotus root
15 Gram Pumpkin
15 Gram Yam bean
5 Gram Shallots
30 Gram Pomegranate
5 Gram Shallot oil
30 Gram Pomelo
For dressing:
Lemongrass sauce

How to Make Mixed Salad With Lotus Root
1.Clean and wash lettuce, dice it.
2.Soak lotus root and pumpkin in vinegar.
3.Mix all ingredients in a bowl, add lemongrass sauce.
4.Portion in a salad bowl and garnish with pomelo and pomegranate.

Key Ingredients:

Iceberg lettuce, Lollo rosso, Endive lettuce, Red cabbage, Lotus root, Pumpkin, Yam bean, Shallots, Pomegranate, Shallot oil, Pomelo, Lemongrass sauce

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