Tessa Farmiga: marriage is more terrifying than cinema

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2020-11-28 | Since 2 Month

American actress Tessa Farmiga admitted that she married screenwriter Hadley Klein last August in a secret ceremony, after the idea of ​​marriage terrified her, although she is a horror movie star in Hollywood, noting that the idea of ​​marriage was terrifying her more than cinema.

Farmiga (26 years old) said through her Instagram account that she feels satisfied, grateful and happy in the current year, noting her marriage to Klein, and expressing her happiness because she became a married woman.

She explained that she was hinting at her relationship with Klein, but the fans did not notice that, and added that the love story between them began 4 years ago, and when they felt that they could not move away from each other for a moment, they crowned their love by marriage, according to her saying.

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