The best university majors for girls

2020-11-24 | Since 2 Month

After passing the high school exam and succeeding in it, students are looking forward to choosing a major suitable for their personality and ambitions, and with the difference in lifestyle, development and technology entry, there are many specializations that have a bright professional future, in addition to the suitability of this specialization to the nature of the individual, there are specializations that suit the nature of each Of boys and girls, there are university majors that suit girls.

We show you the best university majors for girls:
Specializations for education: Among these specializations are: Qur’anic studies, Arabic language, Islamic studies, special education, mathematics, chemistry, home economics, English language, physical education, social sciences, computer, artistic education, early childhood, and languages.

Specializations in Engineering and Technology: These majors include: Architecture, Communications Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Medical Devices Engineering, and Computer Software Engineering.

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Human health specialties: These specializations include: physical therapy, human medicine, audiology, radiology, dental technology, speech and speech impairments, health education, health management, nursing, optometry, occupational therapy, health information management, and pharmacy.

Specializations in the humanities and social sciences: These specializations include: sociology, political sciences, archeology and museums, international relations, psychology, libraries, law, history, geography, and social service.

Specializations in financial and administrative sciences: Of these specializations: information systems, economics, business administration, accounting, financial and banking sciences, marketing, international management, public administration, human resources, housing and institutional management.
Specializations in the sciences: These specializations include: biochemistry, biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, geology (earth sciences), astronomy, medical physics, microbiology, and botany.

Other specialties:

Asian American studies, English language literature, languages, advertising, interior design, grammar and morphology, Arabic language literature, German language, Islamic arts, translation, hematology, French, graphic design, applied linguistics, Turkish language, theater, journalism, Russian language, clothing and textile, agricultural engineering, agricultural economics, meteorology, radio and television, environmental sciences and environmental health, public health, plant production and protection, water resource science and management, heritage resource management, Arabization, medical sciences, musicology, folklore, photography, Plastic arts, oral and maxillofacial surgery, educational psychology, geriatrics, speech and language pathology, labor economics, social biology, political philosophy, inland water bodies science, climatology, and economic geography.

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