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When your relationship with someone fails or you feel like you don't get along with someone, you may be quick to blame chemistry or intangibles that didn't help you agree. This may be true to some extent, because the difference between personality types may be the main reason for your inability to feel compatible with others.

Personality types are more important and their influence becomes greater when it comes to the personality of your potential partner in your relationship. The type of personality of your potential partner has a lot to do with the impact of your attractiveness and the success of the relationship.

The types of personalities vary and their impact varies, but research and studies have found that people who have donor personalities are the most attractive, and they are the most successful relationships that can last for a very long time

Different personality types

Psychologist, professor and author Adam Grant said that the success of relationships depends mainly on the simple idea that our ability to interact and communicate effectively. According to Grant, personality types fall into three classes: the donors, the recipients, and the congruent ones

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And donors usually have an incentive to take care of others, while the recipients focus on their own interests, while the matchers give the same amount of love and concern to others, which nourishes the donor personality and makes it more attractive, because by our nature we as human beings tend to be with people who are able to care for us and take care of us. It creates a feeling of safety and self-confidence in us.

Donor personalities

Grant says that the donor personality is achieving great success in her professional and personal life, especially emotional. This is due to many, many reasons, including that these people with a kind heart, who are never selfish, are always supportive, loving and encouraging in relationships.
They become more romantic, and thus they are able to resolve disputes with their life partners, so their relationships become longer and last for long periods.

Attachment to a donor personality, both men and women, means that you will be in a more stable and solid relationship, especially since this person is more emotional, takes care of all your details, and is always open, attractive, and can communicate with others regardless of their personality type. The donor person can always She gets accepted by others, and is able to steal attention and catch eyes wherever she goes

However, being a donor, according to Grant, may have its drawbacks as well. The strongest motivation for donor personalities is often concern for others and working to influence their lives in a positive way. As a donor, you often seek to present gifts and provide all means of comfort to the other party as you can.

This kind of love for others and the pursuit of intense satisfaction may result in negative feelings such as anxiety and tension most of the time for fear that our partner will not be satisfied with what we offer him, and the donors are responsible for everything that happens in the relationship, even if they have not committed any sin.

For this reason, Grant says that the most successful relationships are those that bring together two donor partners, in other words, emotional relationships succeed when both parties seek to please the other, help and support him, and provide him with support in various ways, but on condition that they do so without expecting anything in return. And not to exaggerate their expectations, when the relationship becomes more balanced, more stable and stable.

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