In this simple way you get rid of facial wrinkles

2020-11-22 | Since 5 Month

Scientists from the University of California revealed a simple way to get rid of wrinkles, noting that eating fresh mango fruit with a sweet taste helps women in particular to get rid of wrinkles.
The results of the study showed that regular consumption of mango honey (which has a golden color) is an invaluable way to prevent age-related changes in women, indicating that this applies only to light-skinned women only.
According to scientists, mangoes contain high levels of beta-carotene and antioxidants that slow cell damage, according to Sputnik.
Scientists indicated that all postmenopausal women who regularly consumed half a cup of mango juice showed attractive results, as the number of deep wrinkles on their faces decreased by 23% after two months, and after another 4 months it decreased by an additional 20%.

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Meanwhile, the list on the study, Vivan Fam, confirmed that there are some reservations, as the results were completely opposite for some women, according to the scientific journal "Nutrients".

And she indicated that until now they cannot fully understand how this mechanism works, adding that mangoes quench thirst and hunger, and have a beneficial effect on human skin (refreshes skin color at the very least).

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