Sudan Postpones New School Year for 2 Weeks

2020-11-21 | Since 2 Month

The Sudanese Supreme Committee for Health Emergencies announced that the new school year will be postponed for two weeks due to the second wave of coronavirus.

The committee stated, in a press statement, that it aims to ensure that the educational institutions apply health requirements and provide the necessary aids that enable a healthy and safe school environment.

The Sudanese Minister of Health said the country's health sector is facing many challenges including the spread of Malaria and a shortage in medicine supplies, as well as the COVID-19 crisis.

He stressed the importance of abiding by precautionary measures and recommendations set by the ministry of health, as the country continues to register more cases.

According to the minister, Sudan has set 41 COVID-19 isolation units with the capacity of 1,138 beds.

Remarkably, Sudan reported 252 virus cases in the past two days and 4 deaths. It also reported 61 recoveries during the same period.

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