The correct way to keep your makeup

2020-11-20 | Since 5 Month

The German beauty portal "Haut.D" reported that the correct storage of cosmetics plays an important role in preserving its safety and quality, and then the products achieve their desired aesthetic effect on the one hand, and at the same time maintain the health of the skin on the other hand.
The beauty portal explained that the best way to preserve cosmetics is to open the package immediately before use and close it well and tightly after each use, stressing the importance of cleaning all tools that come into contact with cosmetics such as brush, sponge or pharmacist spoon, regularly with soap or dish detergent Or a gentle shampoo.

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The hands should always be clean when placing them inside the package, in order to prevent the multiplication of bacteria inside the package, which maintains the integrity of the product, and hence the health of the skin.
It should also be taken into account that no air is pumped into the eyeliner or mascara package, for example, through the insertion and removal of the brush. Since oxygen increases the chances of germs forming inside the package.
In general, cosmetics should be stored in a cool, dry and dark place as possible, while avoiding exposure to direct sunlight.

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