Relaxing exercises and immediate stress relief

2020-11-16 | Since 2 Month

Certain exercises relax the body, helping the body to relieve tension and calm anxious minds at the same time. These exercises may not be a cure-all, but they feel good in their own time.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, stress can cause muscles to contract when your body tries to cope with aches and pains. But relaxing muscles - for example, through doing a group of simple exercises - sends soothing signals to the mind, relieving stress

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In this report, we review 8 relaxing exercises formulated by Mariana DiCaro, a physiotherapist and certified specialist in strength and fitness training and a certified yoga instructor, and quoted on the SELF magazine website.

And since they are gentle on the body, these exercises can be practiced daily, at any time.

Names of the exercises

Child's Pose

Cat / Cow Pose

Puppy pose

Thigh muscle push-up exercise

Lower dog pose

Bend forward

Spine twisting while sitting

Pigeon pose

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