Shoes inspired by Porsche cars

2020-11-15 | Since 2 Month

The company of the popular Puma brand launched a line of luxury sneakers entirely inspired by the modern 911 Turbo cars named Porsche Design x Puma Icons of Fast; Initial price of US $ 150.

The group included 8 shoes of different colors, but the strange thing is the distinctive marketing method announced by Porsche

And Puma, where the group will be available for purchase on the Porsche Design website, for only 2.7 seconds, which is the period

It takes the newest Porsche 911 to achieve 0-100 km / h acceleration; Once the 2.7-second countdown is over, a "buy now" button will appear for the customer to quickly press on it, and the order process will be completed within 15 minutes.

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