Learn how to conduct a short job interview in English between two people

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Doing a job interview in English is one of the most common things these days in large, emerging or medium companies and organizations. The recruiter or human resources officer conducts a short job interview with you in English to make sure that you are able to use the language that you may have to use a lot during your job performance, and therefore you will need to learn how to conduct a short job interview in English between two people before you go to the place you are seeking To join him.

How to prepare for a job interview in English?

Knowing the job description in English
Before going to the job interview, you should read the job description in English, find out what tasks you have to do, and what you are supposed to do after you get the job. You can read these things on the website of the organization you are seeking to join, or take a look at the essentials for the job online.

Exercise before the interview

Before going to the interview, try to train yourself and prepare to speak English, surf the Internet and know the main questions that are expected to be asked of you, then answer them loudly and loudly in front of the mirror in English, or talk to someone close to you, your family members or friends, who They acquire the language, in this way you will boost your confidence, de-stress, and become more prepared for an interview.

Be honest

It is important to be honest about your English language proficiency, starting with identifying your level of language proficiency on your resume. You have to be precise and specific, because your claim of something unreal may put you in an embarrassing situation, because the person speaking to you may say things that you do not understand, and also do not brag about your mastery of the language and your ability to speak fluently, because you also may put yourself in an embarrassing situation.

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Listen to the person you are talking to

Listening is essential in any conversation you have with anyone, but it is imperative that you listen carefully to the person who is interviewing you in English, and focus on every word he says to you, and do not feel shy about asking him to ask you back the question again, or ask for clarification. For one thing if you don't understand the question or hear the words well.

Job interview questions in English

There are several common questions that are generally asked in job interviews, including:

Questions that aim to get to know you, such as tell me about yourself .. Talk to me about yourself .. Tell me some things about yourself, what are the things that motivate you, and what are your motivations for work.
tell me about yourself ”“ speak about yourself ”“ what about yourself / What are you passionate about? / What motivates you?

Questions about your strengths and weaknesses.
What are your greatest strengths? / What are your greatest weaknesses?

Why should we hire you?
What makes you unique? / Why should we hire you?

Knowing your future goals, projects and plans
Where do you see yourself in five years? / What are your goals for the future?

15 questions Google asked in its job interviews to know

Why are you leaving your current job?
Why are you leaving your current job? / What did you like most about your last position? / What did you like least about your last position?

What salary can you expect to get?
Can you discuss your salary history? / How much do you expect to be earning in five years?

How to deal with anxiety, stress and work problems
How do you handle conflict at work? / How do you work under pressure?

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