Strange sanctions for violators of anti-Corona rules in Indonesia

2020-11-12 | Since 3 Month

A British newspaper has revealed strange punishments for violators of anti-Corona virus rules in Indonesia.

The British newspaper "Daily Mail" reported, Thursday, November 12, 2020, that the Indonesian police decided to impose strange sanctions to limit the spread of the Corona virus in the country, including digging graves, lying in coffins and doing pressure exercises.

The newspaper published a video tape showing two men doing pressure exercises in front of the police, as a punishment for not wearing face masks, amid the Corona virus pandemic in Indonesia.

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The Indonesian police imposed certain rules on those who violate the rules for not wearing the muzzle, such as doing pressure exercises or doing community service, such as sweeping the streets, while others were forced to lie in coffins for several hours, clean the sewers or lie in the hot sun for 30 minutes.

And in the extreme of summer, people were forced to dig graves for Coronavirus victims to convince them of the importance of preventive measures.

Indonesia has one of the most severe outbreaks of the Coronavirus in Southeast Asia, with 448,000 cases and nearly 15,000 deaths, the largest among the countries in the region.

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