Why shouldn't you wash jeans in a washing machine?

2020-11-07 | Since 3 Month

Levis CEO Chip Berg said there is no need to machine wash jeans, except in rare cases.

Berg indicated that he does not wash his jeans in the washing machine, but cleans them and removes any stains on them by using a toothbrush.

Levis president advised those who prefer to wear jeans, after putting them in the washing machine a lot, because that would damage the fabric of the pants, while it was considered a waste of water and washing powder without benefit.

And a group of experts backed Berg's statement that raw jeans should be left for 6 months before washing, so the longer the jeans are left without washing, the better their appearance.

Berg supports a group of experts in his opinion about washing jeans, as Hiut Denim says, "It is better to leave raw jeans six months before washing, and the longer it is left without washing, the better the appearance of the jeans."

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