Simple tricks to hide belly sagging with your clothes

2020-11-02 | Since 4 Month

Belly sagging, known as "rumen", is a problem that disturbs men and spoils their elegance. If you are suffering from it, we will offer you simple clothing tricks to hide the protruding abdomen, according to the "menshealth" and "complex" website:

- Wearing dark colors: Dark colors are best suited to hide areas of fat accumulation, and to stay away from bright colors, as they show sagging.

- Replacing the belt with the holder of the pants: Wearing the belt in the waist area is a mistake for those with a prominent stomach, as the belly appears clearly, it is preferable to replace it with the holder of the pants, or wear the shirt without putting it inside the pants.

- Wearing more than one piece: Fashion experts recommend wearing more than one piece even in the summer to hide belly flabby, for example, a T-shirt with an open shirt, it will make you thinner than you look.

- The right size: Choose the right size that is comfortable and not narrow, because the narrow sizes show the body full.

- Choosing materials: For winter, you should stay away from dense materials, and in summer, stay away from soft fabrics that stick to the body and show its slackness.

- Tile sleeves: Foldable sleeves is a smart trick that gives you a sporty and youthful look.

- The jacket: Wearing the jacket greatly hides the sagging, especially on the sides, and makes you look thinner than you look.

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