The monkeys are "occupying" an Indian city and wreaking havoc on it

2020-10-30 | Since 3 Month

An Indian city has been subjected to a frightening invasion by thousands of monkeys, which over the course of weeks launched repeated attacks on residents and farms, after all attempts to stop their advance failed.

Hungry macaques in Shimla, the capital of Himachel Pradesh, northern India, are causing chaos in the city, which is an important tourist destination due to its mild weather in summer because it is located near the Himalayas.

The spread of monkeys in the city began with the closure period decided by the government during the spread of the new Corona virus, but their large numbers and attacks on the population made controlling them cumbersome, according to "France Press".

A woman named Nand Lal (46 years) said that she was attacked by a monkey that left her injured, which required her to receive anti-rabies injections.

She explained, "I passed by a group of monkeys when their leader suddenly attacked me and 3 others followed him. Fortunately I managed to pick up a stick and confront them. I had bruises on my face and head and was bleeding from a bite in my back."

As retired judge Kuldeep Chand Sood said, "The residents are very afraid and do not know what to do" in the face of the animals, revealing that a monkey had been bitten in the leg by a monkey that he suffered while sitting on the balcony of his house.

"I was browsing my book when a big monkey suddenly attacked and bitten me," he said.

Many city residents resorted to installing iron panels on their balconies and windows to prevent the entry of "invaders", who sometimes enter homes in search of food, and even know how to open refrigerators.

Wildlife official Rajesh Sharma in the Shimla government said that garbage bins full of leftover food attract animals, noting that improving garbage collection makes the monkeys' task more difficult.

And she continued, "The monkey habits are the same. You try to grab anything from anyone's hand. If you don't find anything with him, she tries to bite him."

Even tourists at Jakho Temple, which houses one of the largest statues of the monkey god Hanuman in India, were robbed, as some lost glasses and other items.

Monkey attacks across Himachel Pradesh annually are estimated to be in the millions of dollars, with losses and damages.

The invasion led residents and farmers to try to get rid of the monkeys, even if by poisoning them, after the government announced that the animals could be killed if it threatened them.

In Shimla and other towns in the state, the authorities have sought to sterilize the monkeys to prevent them from reproducing and thus reduce their numbers, as environmental experts believe that this is the "only way" to control the crisis.

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