How to wake up without relying on the alarm

2020-10-26 | Since 1 Month

Many people find it very difficult to wake up at the usual time without resorting to an alarm, whose loud sound causes the awakening and disturbance of all family members, old or young. So sleep experts presented a smart trick that helps you wake up early in the morning, without the need for an alarm clock with great activity and vitality, and it came as follows:

Waking up without an alarm clock

Go to bed at the usual time; To get the hours of sleep your body needs, and follow a routine even during public holidays, or when you are not sleepy; So that it becomes closer to normal.

Before going to bed, think that you want to wake up on time, and give yourself clear and strict instructions to wake up in the morning.

Experts advise against taking a midday nap; To avoid disrupting the regulated sleep mechanism if you want to wake up without an alarm.

- Immediately after waking up, it is recommended to extend your limbs for a few minutes and get out of bed very quietly before going to wash.

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