Fire Breaks Out at Iranian Petrochemical Facility

2020-10-25 | Since 1 Month

Firefighting teams extinguished a fire that broke out after an explosion at a petrochemical complex in a port in southwestern Iran Friday. No casualties were reported, according to the official IRNA news agency.

"At 15:45, a fire broke out in the aromatic unit in the petrochemical complex in the port of Imam Khomeini," said Mehrzad Ghaibi, head of the Health and Safety Department in the Petrochemical Economic Zone at Imam Khomeini Port in Khuzestan Province, according to IRNA.

"Experts are investigating the main cause of this accident," he added.

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The firefighters took control over the fire three hours after its outbreak, according to the company supervising the complex, which is one of the largest petrochemical facilities in Iran.

In the past months, a series of fires and explosions were recorded in military and civilian sites in different parts of Iran, the most prominent of which was an explosion in a health center in Tehran in late June, killing 19 people.

There was also an explosion at the Natanz nuclear facility in July, which the authorities initially stated was an accident, before announcing in August that it had resulted in "an act of sabotage."

The series of fires and explosions also included St. Mary's Church, in the west of the country, and another memorial in the region.

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