Study: A safe place for students in the classroom that protects them from infection with the Corona virus

2020-10-25 | Since 9 Month

A new study recently conducted by American researchers at the University of New Mexico claimed that students who sit in the back corner of the classroom, which has long been a field for children with less qualified education, may become safer for children from infection with the emerging corona virus.
The researchers reported that schools were severely affected by the epidemic, as many of them were forced to close, cancel exams and reform teaching methods, according to what was published in the British newspaper "Daily Mail."
And the researchers continued, that there is a lot of research on how to reduce the risks to which both employees and students are exposed, with opening windows and operating air conditioning, all of which have shown to be effective solutions in preventing the spread of the Corona virus.

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The researchers confirmed that sitting children in the back of the row and in the corners may protect them from infection with the Coronavirus, in addition to that opening windows may significantly affect the operation of air conditioning in preventing the spread of virus particles to them.
The researchers added that air conditioning removes up to 50 percent of virus particles from the air that are released during exhalation and speech, but the rest is deposited on surfaces inside the room.

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