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UN Chief Calls for Hezbollah’s Disarmament

2020-10-24 | Since 1 Month

UN chief Antonio Guterres

UN chief Antonio Guterres has called for “urgent reforms” in Lebanon, an end to corruption, and the swift formation of a new government.

Hinting to Iran, the UN Secretary General urged the region’s countries to encourage Hezbollah to turn into a political party and to disarm.

“I call upon the countries that maintain close ties with Hezbollah to encourage the transformation of the group into a solely civilian political party, as well as its disarmament,” he said in his 32nd semi-annual report on the implementation of Security Council Resolution 1559.

Guterres warned that Hezbollah’s involvement in Syria’s war has put the stability of Lebanon and the region in danger.

Its role in Syria “carries the risk of entangling Lebanon in regional conflicts and undermining the stability of Lebanon and the region,” said the report.

“Furthermore, it demonstrates the failure of Hezbollah to disarm and its refusal to be accountable to the very state institutions that the implementation of Resolution 1559 (2004) was intended to strengthen.”

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Guterres called on the Lebanese authorities and armed forces to take all necessary measures to prevent Hezbollah and other armed groups to possess weapons.

Hezbollah’s continued possession of huge military capabilities and advanced weapons remains a great source of concern, he said.

Guterres also urged Israel to commit to its obligations under UN Security Council resolutions and to “withdraw its forces from the northern part of the village of Ghajar and an adjacent area north of the Blue Line without further delay.”

He said Israel should stop its overflights in Lebanese airspace.

On the Aug. 4 Beirut Port explosion that destroyed large neighborhoods and left thousands of casualties, the UN chief called for a credible investigation.

He also called on the Lebanese authorities to carry out swift reforms to meet the demands of the people, including an end to corruption.

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