‘Hollywood Shunned Me Following Batman & Robin Setback,’ Reveals Clooney

2020-10-21 | Since 1 Month

George Clooney said he was shunned by Hollywood after disastrous 1997 movie -Batman & Robin. The 59-year-old heart-throb actor also revealed the movie nearly ruined his career.

Directors in Hollywood refused to work with him after this failure, he continued.

Clooney starred the movie alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, Alicia Silverstone, and Uma Thurman. In an interview with The Sun, the star said it was only when he and director Steven Soderbergh landed the 1998 crime comedy Out Of Sight with Jennifer Lopez that his fortune changed.

"Steven was coming off a couple of flops and I was coming off Batman & Robin and we both needed a success," he added.

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