Japan to Open Largest Art Studio Complex in Tennoz Island

2020-10-21 | Since 1 Month

Art lovers will soon have more places to visit in the Japanese capital with the opening of a new complex of contemporary art in the amazing island of Tennoz, in Tokyo.

Surrounded by warehouses and graffiti, the Terrada 2 art complex is the extension of the current sprawling national museum, which includes eight independent galleries. The total number of galleries is set to reach 18 by spring of 2021. According to the tourism bureau in Tokyo, the two buildings will form the biggest art studio complex in Japan.

However, the new galleries opened in September are expected to remain almost empty of foreign tourists within the first weeks due to the persisting pandemic.

Tourists are still facing travel restrictions, as only business and necessary flights are allowed to the country. Travellers should also confine themselves for 14 days and get the required tests.

The coronavirus cases have slightly declined in Japan since the peak registered in August. The recent tourism figures showed that Japan was among the most affected countries in Asia during the pandemic. Data by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) showed the number of tourists in the northeastern part of Asia dropped by 83 percent.

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